After Hours

with host, Eric Sandstrom presents

Engine No. 9

Engine No 9 is a five-piece act writing and performing original music in The Shenandoah Valley. Their sound is a fusion of folk, blues, and jazz, which at times has a distinct Appalachian flavor, while at other times has a jazzy lounge vibe. The band varies their arrangements to include guitars, violin, stand-up or electric bass, percussion, and both male and female vocals, providing a unique sound that keeps their musical set fresh yet familiar.

Our Story:

Engine No 9 had its beginnings during the winter of 2013-14. Our friend Nate had hatched a plan to convert the food pantry on South Braddock into a performance/hangout space. All kinds of planning and energy went into the creation of this space, and it turned out great. Pretty soon, we started having an informal jam on Saturday nights. There was a large front window to the street, and anyone walking by could see what was happening. The thing would go from 8-9 to whenever. I think the record was 4am. The bars would let out at 2am, so we often had an impromptu audience of passers-by, some of whom thought we were another club! We made a lot of music that winter, and gradually things wound down- but friendships had been formed which would eventually carry us into what is now called Engine No 9. We hope that you enjoy our sound. Thank-you.