After Hours

with host, Eric Sandstrom presents

Jimmy Lee

I am a vocalist and acoustic musician.  I have been singing for over 35 years.  I started in my Dad’s church when I was a pre-teen and it has always been a part of me!  I was a music minor in college and took vocal lessons while attending college.  I am a self-taught acoustic guitarist and keyboard player with a wide range of musical tastes ranging from 1970’s through the 1990’s as well as some current music.  I love to interact with the audience and encourage them to make requests and occasionally sing along so everyone feels involved in the music.  I love to play at restaurants, wineries, lounges as well as weddings, private and corporate parties!  I encourage you to go to my home page to listen to the 4 song mash-up to give you examples of the types of music I like to sing.