Divine Love Yoga
with Andrea Childress

Andrea Childress

Specialties: Stress Management…Release from Addiction and Trauma….Freedom from Fear.

Qualifications: EFT Coach, Reiki Master and Instructor, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

Andrea teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, complete with breath work, mantras, kriya, and meditations to allow one to grow and expand in full consciousness, to learn to live in the heart and to push past comfort zones, to strengthen the nervous system so one can weather life’s storms, to release self-sabotaging patterns, and to embrace one’s true-self… LOVE.

Whether through yoga, EFT or Reiki, Andrea creates a peaceful, healing ambiance that allows space for the client to heal at their own natural speed. She then helps the clients reach a meditative state as a way into the consciousness, to be able to find the self-awareness

Andrea’s goal is to use her knowledge of Holistic Health to create a unique blend of spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. Through using Reiki, EFT, and different Meditations and Breathe Techniques one can begin their healing process from PTSD, anxiety, depression, allergies, and addictions.